Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dr. Pepper Wings!

So, a few weeks ago, while visiting Dallas, my little sister Nikki and her kids took me to dinner at Pluckers.  Pluckers is an Austin based wing/sports bar joint that had some fun flavors.  One particular flavor is Dr. Pepper.  I don't drink a lot of soda, but I do enjoy the occasional Dr. Pepper.  I couldn't imagine Dr. Pepper wings though.  I was intrigued.  Surprisingly, they were fantastic.  A bit of a barbeque type sauce without the vinegary tang.  Instead it had a bit of Dr. Pepper aftertaste that made you think you had just had a drink of soda. 

I kept telling Quin about these wings and decided to see if I could find a mock recipe.  I didn't but did find many Dr. Pepper bbq sauce recipes online and decided to make them myself.  Pluckers has a boneless wing plate that is really just a plate of large chicken tenders (they do things big in Texas, ya know).

They came out pretty close to Pluckers and probably a bit healthier.  Let me tell ya' though, my Aunt Pam makes the best fried chicken tenders evah!

Tonight I am starting the holiday cooking.  Christmas dinner is at our house this year.  A small group of family.  I am looking forward to it, so that I and my family can spend more time visiting and less time in the kitchen.  My cowboy is preparing some birds to fry!  With about 6-7" of snow on the ground, he'll be frying in the garage.  He's not yet caught the house on fire....hope we continue with that tradition!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come On In and Sit a Spell

So, I've started this new blog.  I still have my other one on our own hosted system at  It is almost 2 years out of date.  I hadn't realized that until now.  I started this project in part, as a place to play while working with a Girl Scout troop on web design and blogging.  I had been toying with the idea of a new blog anyway, that would focus on food in general, but more specifically on good healthy homecooking.

I am a two time cancer survivor and over the years I tend to scrutinize more and more what I eat.  I've read enough horror stories about fast food, that there are some places I will not eat at.  I try to eat healthy, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good cheeseburger from time to time.  We primarily eat at home, but do occasionally enjoy a night out.  Then there is travel when you have to eat out.  I travel for work more than I like and not enough for fun and relaxation. 

Today it seems like so many people are eating on the go.  Eating out seems to be the norm rather than a good homecooked meal.  Growing up, meals at home were not just a time to feed the body, but a time to socialize with the family.  Dinner was the time of day when we all sat down and shared what was going on in life.  It was a time to learn from the family, to discuss issues, and plan for the future.

So come join me.  Hopefully I'll keep this updated.  If nothing else, you'll get to see what the Girl Scouts are up to and.....what's for dinner.

~ Teri

Cornbread Waffles and Chili

And yes....that cornbread waffle is in the shape of Texas!