Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Last Night (reprise)

One last night in this motel room that we've made a home.  One last night to sleep in a hard, crappy bed that makes my back twinge every morning.  One last night to kick my sandals off in a stark, lifeless room slightly afraid of the years of soil and who knows what buried inside this icky carpet.  One last night to look out at the concrete jungle of I-10, listening to the car crashes, sirens, yelling, toddler meltdowns (ugh I swear our neighbors were running a nighttime child care for "working women" who were "working" throughout the night), and door slams.  One last night of uncomfortable living for Harleigh....our traumatized bulimic cat that paces these two rooms crying and moping.  One last night of memories to be forgotten in this motel that we've made a home.

Tomorrow begins a completely new adventure that will last years.  One last day to pack up the few odds and ends we've accumulated in this motel.  Our belongings in Colorado are on the truck and heading to their new home.  One last night of 14 channels of nothing on TV and no DVR...unable to fast forward through commercials.  I hope to never hear Honey Boo-Boo or Wheel of Fortune again,  We appreciate our dear friends and family who entertained us when we just needed to get the heck out of here, or crash at their place when we needed a break from the God awful bed, or just have a meal with us and sharing good times...knowing there are many more to come.  We truly appreciate them, more than they will know.

One last night until we make our house.....Our Home!

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