Monday, January 2, 2012

Beans and Fluffernutters!

The Cowboy and I went out for one last hurrah before we get back to a normal eating schedule.  Most of the leftovers of the holiday are gone with a big pot of ham and beans and another of blackeyed peas to finish off. 

We both had the day off today so we just kicked around the house not accomplishing much and decided to head downtown to a locally owned placed call PB & Jellies.  Art and his family opened up PB & Jellies earlier this year.  It is a wonder New York Deli with house made PB and locally made Jellies.  They also have a wonderful selection of Boar's Head sandwiches and soups.  We just never seem to stray from the PB sandwiches, with the exception of the kniches (awesome too).  What great comfort food, especially in the winter time and right after the heavy foods of the holidays.

I had their Smasher sandwich which consisted of dark chocolate peanut butter and wavy kettle chips (plus the chips that come on the side).  The Cowboy had the dark chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Then we split a fluffernutter with regular peanut butter.  Oh....that brought back some wonderful childhood memories!

If you are local to Colorado Springs, head down town to visit Art at PB & Jellies.

Tomorrow it is back to the gym and back to a normal eating routine!  OK...well, I am sure we'll be eating some beans/ham and cornbread for a few days, but I'll throw in a salad and call it healthy.  ;-)  And actually, the beans and ham are not too bad for you.  I mix pintos and great northerns, soak them overnight then pressure cook them the next day (I have a wonderful electric pressure cooker, besides my manual one).  I put the ham bone with ample ham left over from Christmas (we get HoneyBaked Ham) in the crockpot and cover with water, as well as a chopped onion and cook all day. I season well with salt, pepper, and Ozark Seasoning from Penzey's. Once the beans are done in the pressure cooker, I add to the ham in the crockpot. You can eat them that night, but I suggest you wait til the second day. After you put them in the fridge overnight, then reheat them they tend to take on a thicker consistency and have more flavor. Add a side of cornbread and salad and you have a pretty fantastic comfort meal full of protein, fiber, iron, potassium, B6, and folic acid.
Not a bad way to start the new year.    

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