Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Homeless No More

Maybe I just had to blog about it...

Late last night, just as I was shutting down the computer, I saw an email pop in from Hotel Planner, a website I used to put in a "bid" (similar to Priceline) for a hotel room with our specific needs, dates, etc.  I had received a couple of emails with hotels that responded that were either over priced or likely from a crack house area of town.  I really had become so frustrated that I was just glancing through them and not really reviewing anything.  This time, I did and one caught my eye, mainly because I knew that area of San Antonio where the suites were and trusted it, and the price was below what we were looking for.  So as of this morning, we have secured a place that has a kitchenette, a separate bedroom from the living room, a couple of desks and kitchen table, will allow Princess Harleigh (with the cheapest pet deposit yet) and the bed is a king size bed.  I like my space when I sleep and so does the Cowboy.  He tosses and turns too much!  Another hurdle passed!

Today we had the heater and AC guy out to do a last servicing of the system (request from buyer) and the buyer's appraiser came out.  Of course the appraiser came at the worse possible moment.  I think a lot of people believe that since I work from home I sit in front of the TV with my laptop in my lap surfing the internet while watching Days of Our Lives (Do I dare admit that I DVR it and watch later?  Will Stefano once again come back to life like the phoenix rising from the ashes?  Did EJ kill Stefano, or was it Lexie on the eve of her own death?  Will Maggie and Victor be seen again or have they gone on a 6 month belated honeymoon?).  Even when I tell service people that come to the house that I'll be on conference calls or working, they seem to be oblivious and frustrated if I don't respond to them immediately.  The appraiser came when I was on a conference call, trying to make a cup of coffee, texting with my project lead, and entering my expense report.  At the same time, I was getting emails from the manager of the hotel I secured (and which is what I really wanted to concentrate on).  The appraiser came in the kitchen and while on the phone (politely) told me to exit the kitchen so that he could get a picture.  After I was off the phone I realized the mess that was the kitchen counter.  I hope the buyers won't see that...I am sure they will....the trash hadn't been taken out, dirty coffee cups (plural) on the counter, (clean) dishes in the sink and and several bags of potatoes (small bags) strewn across the counter.....I was mortified.  The buyers will think we're hoarders.  I straightened it up some before he left so he'll at least think I try to keep it clean.  And I finally got that cup of coffee about 2 hours later and I never did get to finish it.  Working at home is not all that glamorous, it does have it's good points at times...but it really is as hectic as if I was in the office.  I just don't have to deal with all the noises and annoyances of being around others while trying to concentrate, like listening to the guy in the next cube scheduling his colonoscopy IN DETAIL, or the guy in the next row dealing with his sinus issues (I won't even go into detail on that one).

Tomorrow the movers come to do an initial packing, they'll be here early.....ugh....and probably for most of the day.  An inspector is coming as well to sign off on a permit that we apparently never got completed.  Thinking I should take some pictures of the house before things come off the walls...as if I don't have enough pictures of the house from the last 11 years.

The Cowboy and our friend Shawn rebuilding our deck

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