Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walkin' The Mile...

Actually we walked about 4 miles today, but it seemed like so much more than that!  We have had a wonderful relaxing day and for a change, we are not running ourselves ragged like we do on most vacations.  We are here in Washington, D.C./Arlington, VA for the inurnment (i.e. placing an urn in a niche at a cemetery) of Cowboy's grandmother who passed away in March.  She is being inurned at Arlington National Cemetery.  Tomorrow is the service.  Today, we met with his birth mother, uncles and their spouses at the National Museum of the American Indian after navigating the DC Metro.  That is impressive in and of itself.  I am fascinated with all things history, as is Quin, so we spent a lot of time at the American Indian museum and next door at the National Air and Space Museum.  We could walk for days and not have time to see it all, so we pretty much wandered around and visited with the family as we went.  We had a great time over lunch just catching up with everyone.

Stromberg Men

Eventually each couple went their own way for an afternoon of downtime, and later meeting up for dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery.  

Quin, Ingrid, Leif

Tomorrow the cousins join us for the service at the cemetery.  We are hoping to go a couple hours early to visit the JFK/RFK memorials, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the other highlights of this amazing place.  I know it will be a somber day.  It is going to be tough for everyone to say good bye to Wanda.  We only knew her for a few years, but she was certainly a special woman that we will never forget.  Later in the day we will have dinner with the close to 40 family members attending and in the evening will get a private tour of the  Eisenhower Executive Office Building (formerly the State, War, & Navy Building).  It now houses the ceremonial office of the Vice President, among other executives.  Quin's ancestor, Richard von Ezdorf was the primary interior designer.  I believe that throughout the years a lot of his work has been painted over, changed, etc. but was reclaimed not too long ago.  Looking forward to the family history lesson tomorrow!

Now our dogs are tired and I am hoping to get in a few minutes or so of reading time and to catch up with Olympic happenings.  We'll actually get to sleep in a bit and for that I will be very grateful.  We have made it through another homeless day, and another day closer to our new home.

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