Friday, October 28, 2016

Review: Fatal Frost

Fatal Frost Fatal Frost by Karen MacInerney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once again a killer is loose in Buttercup, Texas, where novice farm girl Lucy Resnick is struggling to maintain her grandmother's farm by adding goats to the mix. While picking up her new wards Hot Lips and Gidget, Lucy and local goat farmer Peter notices a nearby house on fire. They arrive on the scene and find the body of Krystal Jenkins, a local young lady who has a sordid and secret past. After a few days, Lucy's friend Molly is arrested for the murder. Lucy quickly goes on the trail of the real killer to clear her friend's name. All while dealing with her ornery goats, looking for Molly's runaway teen, and dealing with her own woes concerning her boyfriend's ex-wife and a long visit from her parents for the holidays. All clues are pointing to the wife of a highfalutin wannabee tele-evangelist who seems to have his own little secret.

I generally don't read many mysteries but I thoroughly enjoy all of Karen MacInerney's cozy mystery series. I especially enjoy her Dewberry Farm Mysteries for the Texas references and setting. I am looking forward to further adventures in Buttercup, Texas.

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